Thursday, December 08, 2005

Free handmade iPod cases - a warm love for your iPod this Christmas

I love iPod, do you?

Woo Roo is the bag, completely handmade for iPod and other digital gadgets.

Just like many web2.0 startups, Woo Roo is in beta now(actually most Google and Yahoo services are still in beta and seem to last forever), I'm going to send out 5 FREE bags before the Christmas, these bags are for iPod Nano with Christmas color as the pictures show, note that all Woo Roo bags are completely hand made(knitted from wool currently).

(click the photo to have a larger view)

What I need is your advice and comment on this bag, so after you get the bag, please write me a few words on how you think of it(I'll include some simple questions for you to comment with the bags sent to you), also, please give me a few bucks(USD 3.9) to handle the international shipment.

So, why not let me know you really want these bags, you can:

Please include your email, your name and mail address so that I can send you the bag. And for the shipment handle fee, I can only accept by Paypal now.

Wonder what Woo Roo is about? Please visit the Woo Roo blog here (

Wish you have a warm and colorful Christmas:)

update: this free offer's deadline is 2005/12/14

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