Monday, November 07, 2005

latest blog sites on apple and ipod

BusinessWeek unveils new blog: Byte of the Apple

BusinessWeek colleagues Peter Burrows, Cliff Edwards and Arik Hesseldahl have just launched a new blog, Byte of the Apple. No, it's not about the Beatles old record company, though I'm sure they'll delve into the music biz from time to time.

More Apple sites? Try SmashMyiPod

I was looking for other Apple blogs, now that BusinessWeek has its own. Bloggersblog has a whole list of them. As you probably know, it's a lively corner of the blog world. One interesting one I came across is called SmashMyiPod. They've raised $400 in contributions, and if I have my chronology right, they've already filmed the smashing of an iPod and invited donors to view it. This is a high-tech offshoot of the classic snuff flick.

My only thought: I wouldn't want these people anywhere near my cats.

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