Wednesday, November 30, 2005

How we hack WooRoo to be the iPod case

How are we going to make the wishes come true?


  • 100%

  • We will never make anything with massive production here in WooRoo.


  • Everybody has one great idea(or more), so join us and email us your design(or just your idea in case you don't wanna bother to draw a picture) , post to the wooroo group, or comment on any pattern in our WooRoo blogs here and there.
  • Currently, I have designed all the patterns just because I have so many ideas:), look at my stupid ideas(I'm never a professional designer in any way) here and tell us how you love(or hate) them.


  • Anything is possible, but we definitely prefer natural material like cotton, wool, hemp, silk

  • Currently, we mainly use wool and cotton to knit or crotchet THE BAG, and we will extend to other wonderful things in no time.


  • Wanted!

  • We know there must be million talent people out there who can make wonderful things we all dream of, we are going to build up the WooRoo community to invite all of them to join us.

  • Currently we have 3 people(all female) to make THE BAG with us together, quite a few samples are displayed here, check them out and give us comments, please.

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