Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Why Woo Roo?

Woo roo is the first OPUN project ( just like the firefox 2 Mozilla). The earliest idea is to make handmade bag for iPod, and when I considered giving a code name for the project, the question "what is the best bag in the world?" came up to me, and the answer is obvious, the kangaroo has it. Later I found roo is a short cut to kangaroo and it sounds cute and perfect to be an interesting name.

Inspired by the Open Source projects management such as Sourceforge and Mozilla, I'd like to follow such model and establish a consistent and systemic way to name all the projects code within the OPUN matrix, and since I've been considering the Yao project all the time, I came to think I can name the projects combining the names of chinese traditional 5 elements and 12 animals. In chinese, kangaroo is mouse with bag, and mouse is among that 12 animals, so all I had to do is to choose one of the 5 elements which are metal, wood, water, fire and earth. I first wanted to pick the fire and that would make "fire roo", so much alike the now famous firefox, finally I chose wood, and to make it sounds cute, I chopped the "d" off the wood and then came the "woo roo".

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