Wednesday, August 31, 2005

What is Woo Roo?

Woo Roo is an OPUN project.

So what is OPUN? OPUN is a revolutionary business system like the Open Source movement, the basic spirit is that business must be open and transparent. And what does that really mean? There are more detailed explanation in the OPUN blog, and to put it simple, in OPUN, we have nothing to hide (except for personal privacy), how we make a product, how much does it cost, how much we profit... all the information is completely exposed to public.

Woo Roo is bag for consumer electronic gadgets, particular for iPod and iBook, it is handmade and extremely personalized because it's vivid and has life. Nowadays, electronic products of mass production are overwhelmed in our daily life, we believe people are looking for wonderful products full of life, product that gives all kinds of possibilities and choices. The popularity of iPod represents an attitude of life that great product can have the highest quality and full of fun. So from the very beginning, we want to make bags for iPod and iBook which are handmade and can be customized for individual character, and that is why Woo Roo is here.

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