Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Info: Free IPod Content

>Wired News has your back with a roundup of some of the best free iPod content on the net.


Tips: Replacing a hard drive in a 4th gen iPod

My brother gave me his broken 4th gen iPod, and I brought it back to life by swapping the hard drive on it. I documented the whole process. It was much easier then I thought it was going to be.

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Monday, December 12, 2005

A nice guide to remove scratches from your Nano

iPod scratch fix


500 Free B-Movies for the iPod

"Plan 9 From Outer Space", "Night of the Living Dead", and "Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women", just to name a few!

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New iPod Shuffle due in January...Smaller and...black?

According to this analyst, Apple will release a redesigned iPod Shuffle this January to help boost it's so far sluggish sales. According to this article, the new Shuffles will hold the same capacity so that there is no overlap with the nano, and they will be offered in black in addition to white.

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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Online Secret Santa Service


If you're looking for a great online Secret Santa organization tool, Elfster might be just the ticket.

Elfster helps you organize and enliven your Secret Santa gift exchange. Getting started is easy! Organize a Secret Santa in less than 5 minutes.

It's a fun site, very easy to use and it'll make organizing a Secret Santa gift exchange a breeze.

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Christmas in Australia

xmas cartoon

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Free handmade iPod cases - a warm love for your iPod this Christmas

I love iPod, do you?

Woo Roo is the bag, completely handmade for iPod and other digital gadgets.

Just like many web2.0 startups, Woo Roo is in beta now(actually most Google and Yahoo services are still in beta and seem to last forever), I'm going to send out 5 FREE bags before the Christmas, these bags are for iPod Nano with Christmas color as the pictures show, note that all Woo Roo bags are completely hand made(knitted from wool currently).

(click the photo to have a larger view)

What I need is your advice and comment on this bag, so after you get the bag, please write me a few words on how you think of it(I'll include some simple questions for you to comment with the bags sent to you), also, please give me a few bucks(USD 3.9) to handle the international shipment.

So, why not let me know you really want these bags, you can:

Please include your email, your name and mail address so that I can send you the bag. And for the shipment handle fee, I can only accept by Paypal now.

Wonder what Woo Roo is about? Please visit the Woo Roo blog here ( http://wooroo.blogspot.com)

Wish you have a warm and colorful Christmas:)

update: this free offer's deadline is 2005/12/14

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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Funny Videos - Movie Trailers - Funny Commercials for iPod and PSP

Funny Videos - Movie Trailers - Funny Commercials - FLiXPO

Great collections here:)


How we hack WooRoo to be the iPod case

How are we going to make the wishes come true?


  • 100%

  • We will never make anything with massive production here in WooRoo.


  • Everybody has one great idea(or more), so join us and email us your design(or just your idea in case you don't wanna bother to draw a picture) , post to the wooroo group, or comment on any pattern in our WooRoo blogs here and there.
  • Currently, I have designed all the patterns just because I have so many ideas:), look at my stupid ideas(I'm never a professional designer in any way) here and tell us how you love(or hate) them.


  • Anything is possible, but we definitely prefer natural material like cotton, wool, hemp, silk

  • Currently, we mainly use wool and cotton to knit or crotchet THE BAG, and we will extend to other wonderful things in no time.


  • Wanted!

  • We know there must be million talent people out there who can make wonderful things we all dream of, we are going to build up the WooRoo community to invite all of them to join us.

  • Currently we have 3 people(all female) to make THE BAG with us together, quite a few samples are displayed here, check them out and give us comments, please.

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Wish tags of WooRoo

What is WooRoo?

THE BAG, for iPod and other portable gadgets, my wish tags:

quality - must be excellent
life - natural and beautiful
choices - infinite
unique - fully customized to his/her/its personailty

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Thursday, November 24, 2005

How can I send a gift to the President Bush?

After so many tests, we are going to launch the WooRoo(beta) very soon, maybe next week.

In this moment, I suddenly think if I can send a wooroo bag (Christmas series) to the President Bush for his iPod, I registered the Say-So service this morning and raised the question there, and hope you may have a good idea how to do that.

Hey buddy, u really need a nice bag for that.


Monday, November 07, 2005

latest blog sites on apple and ipod

BusinessWeek unveils new blog: Byte of the Apple

BusinessWeek colleagues Peter Burrows, Cliff Edwards and Arik Hesseldahl have just launched a new blog, Byte of the Apple. No, it's not about the Beatles old record company, though I'm sure they'll delve into the music biz from time to time.

More Apple sites? Try SmashMyiPod

I was looking for other Apple blogs, now that BusinessWeek has its own. Bloggersblog has a whole list of them. As you probably know, it's a lively corner of the blog world. One interesting one I came across is called SmashMyiPod. They've raised $400 in contributions, and if I have my chronology right, they've already filmed the smashing of an iPod and invited donors to view it. This is a high-tech offshoot of the classic snuff flick.

My only thought: I wouldn't want these people anywhere near my cats.

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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Why Woo Roo?

Woo roo is the first OPUN project ( just like the firefox 2 Mozilla). The earliest idea is to make handmade bag for iPod, and when I considered giving a code name for the project, the question "what is the best bag in the world?" came up to me, and the answer is obvious, the kangaroo has it. Later I found roo is a short cut to kangaroo and it sounds cute and perfect to be an interesting name.

Inspired by the Open Source projects management such as Sourceforge and Mozilla, I'd like to follow such model and establish a consistent and systemic way to name all the projects code within the OPUN matrix, and since I've been considering the Yao project all the time, I came to think I can name the projects combining the names of chinese traditional 5 elements and 12 animals. In chinese, kangaroo is mouse with bag, and mouse is among that 12 animals, so all I had to do is to choose one of the 5 elements which are metal, wood, water, fire and earth. I first wanted to pick the fire and that would make "fire roo", so much alike the now famous firefox, finally I chose wood, and to make it sounds cute, I chopped the "d" off the wood and then came the "woo roo".

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What is Woo Roo?

Woo Roo is an OPUN project.

So what is OPUN? OPUN is a revolutionary business system like the Open Source movement, the basic spirit is that business must be open and transparent. And what does that really mean? There are more detailed explanation in the OPUN blog, and to put it simple, in OPUN, we have nothing to hide (except for personal privacy), how we make a product, how much does it cost, how much we profit... all the information is completely exposed to public.

Woo Roo is bag for consumer electronic gadgets, particular for iPod and iBook, it is handmade and extremely personalized because it's vivid and has life. Nowadays, electronic products of mass production are overwhelmed in our daily life, we believe people are looking for wonderful products full of life, product that gives all kinds of possibilities and choices. The popularity of iPod represents an attitude of life that great product can have the highest quality and full of fun. So from the very beginning, we want to make bags for iPod and iBook which are handmade and can be customized for individual character, and that is why Woo Roo is here.

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